We can’t all be confident little butterflies can we? And some of us prefer to simply melt into the background – we’d do anything not to have the attention on us. Growing up shy can certainly present you with some rather awkward, uncomfortable situations. You guys have been tweeting about how you felt being a quiet kid… can you relate to any of these? We certainly can!


1. When you’re presenting in front of your whole class and someone yells, “I CANT HEAR HER.”
2. Too shy to ask the teacher about the lesson, so you carry on with the burden of confusion.
3. The worst is when you have to read out loud to the class.
4. Praying to god you weren’t getting a certificate in assembly & having to brave the hundreds of stares from teachers & students.
5. Being called on in class to answer a question and being physically unable to get the words out.
6. During group presentations and offering to hold the poster, but they say you’re going to be talking
7. I used to feel closer to Internet friends than friends in person.
8. Always being asked if there’s something wrong just because you’re not talking.
9. People making fun of how I go red when I talk in front of people, so I get even more red from them pointing out I’ve gone red
10. Me: Ask her what grade she’s in
Friend: No you ask
Me: Please
Friend: Fine. Naomi wants to know what grade you’re in

You may not like being shy and it may cause you to feel unpleasant in certain situations, however, having a more timid nature certainly does have its benefits…

1. Forever Friends
Shyer people tend to make deeper, longer lasting friendships
2. Stop and THINK
Those with shy tendencies usually think things through before taking action, meaning they’re less likely to regret their decisions
3. Wonderfully Modest
If you’re naturally more introverted by nature, you’re usually more modest and people tend to like those that are not overly boastful of their achievements

So you may have had some unpleasant shy-related experiences when you were younger, but remember, being shy can be a wonderful quality adored by many!

Well done to those of you whose tweets made our top ten line-up. If you think yours is better, tweet us @TheSPG.

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