Yesterday it was Growing Up Shy and today, Growing Up With Glasses is trending on Twitter. Did you have some almighty frames when you were a kid? Did you find that that certain situations always occurred just because you wore specs? Well you’re not alone! Here’s some circumstances you’ve probably found yourself in if you grew up wearing glasses…

1. People automatically assumed you were smart
2. ”You should have gone to Specsavers” was said to you at least once
3. Everyone wanted to try them on
4. When they did try them on, they commented about how blurry they were and ”How can you possible see with these?!”
5. If you took them off, they’d say, ”Wow, you look so different! You look better with glasses, you look strange without them on.”
6. Whilst you weren’t wearing them, they’d take the opportunity to test your eyesight –  ”How many fingers am I holding up?”
7. Rainy weather and hot drinks were not your friends
8. You were asked if you’d ever switch to wearing contact lenses multiple times
9. You’d loose your glasses, but you couldn’t find them because ironically, you needed your glasses to find your glasses
10. Often, when you couldn’t find them, someone would tell you that they were actually on top of your head

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