Swipe right, swipe left, swipe right, swipe left and so it goes. The nationwide craze that has been about for a few months now, known as Tinder, has really taken youngsters by a storm but are you doing it right? We’ve all got that one mate with five thousand matches from Scotland to Yorkshire, but what is he doing with them? How did he get them? And why have you only got four matches? Its one thing to be relentless in a right swiping frenzy but it’s another to be smart. Think about it, what could you do to become the next Tinderella or King Tinds the first? Well, here’s what we suggest…

First Impressions
Picture this; you’re using a display picture that has sat on your Facebook longer than the block of brie your fridge from last Christmas. Does it work? Well, does the brie taste nice? Certainly not. Settle for something mature and classy, highlighting all your best attributes. Definitely a solo snap and not one of the squad, and with that in mind, ban the cringe club snaps. As much as you love your mates, your potential next partner will not have the time of day to trifle through a pile of mystery pics, gambling on which person in the photo it is.

Sell Yourself
Not literally, we don’t want to see ‘John Smith’ on eBay because the SPG told him to sell himself for Tinder success. We mean build a bio for brilliance and balance. Come across as funny, but not unrealistic. Be professional and classy too. Short and sweet certainly fits the bill, so if you’re posting life stories about the scar on your little finger you got from falling off a unicycle, think twice. Drop a hilarious one liner, be relatable but most importantly, be yourself.

Don’t be a Hoarder
Hoarders, we all know one but the opposite sex on Tinder is not the same as a deck of Pokemon. You’ve got to look out for the shiny cards in the pile as you swipe your way to success. Being trigger happy is all well and good, but don’t just go flicking ‘Like’ in order to give your ego a boost, do it because you think they could be a match.

Messaging Proves Progress
So you’ve just swiped your ideal partner right, two minutes later ‘Congratulations, you have a new match’. What do you do? Initial thought; send a dumb chat up line, but then your conscious kicks in. Second thought; wait for them to message you. Wrong. Tinder is a world full of people matching everyday and regardless of you thinking you rival America’s next top model, it’s unlikely you’ll receive a message. Pull up you big boy socks and go for it! It’s been proven that the percentage of people who receive a message on Tinder is low, so straight away by even saying ‘Hi’, you prove a stronger chance. Even if they don’t message back, what’s the harm in trying?

So, there you have it! The SPG’s four secret steps to Tinder success, we hope it works for you and if you meet your lifelong love, feel free to send us an invite to the wedding. Good Luck!