It’s officially the 1st July (wow, I know right, where has 2015 gone?) Not only are we now beginning the seventh month of the year, we’re also experiencing one of the hottest days of the year… and more importantly, we get the chance to celebrate, ‘International Joke Day.’ We know some of you may not be feeling like life is a barrel of laughs due to this heat, but we’re going to try to attempt to make you laugh anyway. Note: ‘attempt’ is a key word in that sentence! We’ve chosen some of the worst jokes of all time… they’re so bad, they’re great… we guarantee you won’t be able to resist a chuckle! 

1. Two peanuts walked into a bar… one was a salted.
2. What did Jay-Z call Beyonce before they got married? Feyonce!
3. I considered moving to Moscow, but then I realised that there was no point Russian into things.
4. Got a bladder infection? Uh oh, urine trouble!
5. I went to the zoo the other day and they only had one animal… a dog. It was a shitzu.
6. Want to hear a joke about construction? Wait, not just yet, I’m still working on it…
7. I was enjoying singing in the shower until I got shampoo in my mouth… then it turned into a bit of a soap opera.
8. I can’t stand Russian Dolls… they’re so full of themselves.
9. Last week I went to a seafood disco, it was awful… I pulled a mussel.
10. What do you call a laptop that sings? A dell!

Enjoy those? We thought you would. If you fancy some more laughs… check out some of the cheesey jokes we came up with on National Cheese Day.

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