Today Macmillan Cancer are quite literally taking over the streets of London! This amazing charity is out in full force collecting money, so that cancer patients don’t have to fight alone. If you want to help them out by donating anything you can, just look out for their employees who are either dressed in green, or are wearing fancy dress costumes. Alternatively, you can text MAC4 to 70550 to donate five pounds. So, why should you contribute to Macmillan Cancer? Here is some of the amazing work they do…

Thom’s Story

Charmaine, a Macmillan nurse

Jayne’s Story

Colleen’s Story

As I’m sure you’ll agree, they do some incredible work, which helps many people that are unfortunately diagnosed with cancer each year. However, to continue offering these services, they need your support, so please, donate anything you can. You can also help to create awareness by writing a Twitter post with the hashtag, ‘MacTakeover.’

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