23rd July… that can only mean one thing… it’s National Hot Dog day. It seems there’s a day dedicated to pretty much anything and everything nowadays and why not hot dogs? After all, they’re a fundamental part of everyday life. Where would we be without these miraculous sausages stuffed in buns? Precisely. So to celebrate this magical day, we decided to write an article based completely on (you guessed it) HOT DOGS! Enjoy.

Check out Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest… the winner, Matt Stonie, managed an impressive 62 hot dogs! Rather you than me…

This cute little boy struggles to eat a hot dog during a baseball game, but he works out a solution in the end…

Mishka the talking dog, says, ‘hot dog.’

… And an advert by Three perfectly demonstrates the hot dog holiday legs!

If you’re not all hot-dogged out after that… perhaps it’s time to buy yourself your very own hot dog maker? And who knows… maybe we’ll see you competing in Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest next year.

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