The National Lottery… we all enter every now and again don’t we? Secretly hoping that this time, we’re going to hit the jackpot, receive a check for millions of pounds and quit our 9-5 dead-end job. It seems like it would solve all our problems. Now, Lotto have come up with a genius advertising campaign to help entice us to enter even more…

Katie Price. You wouldn’t associate her with needing to enter the lottery would you? The feisty, successful business woman has created an empire off her own back and consequently, is already worth millions of pounds.

This brilliant new advert features Price in various humorous fancy dress outfits, as she aims to start a new television channel, ‘Katie TV.’ The 37-year-old certainly throws herself into the role and can be seen playing a multitude of characters, including a police offer, a cowboy and a judge.

The only problem is… the panel of experts aren’t keep on backing her new venture, but if she wins the lottery, Katie’s dream of having her own television channel would become a reality.

So, the idea is that the thought of Katie Price having an annoying TV Channel would be enough to make anyone enter the lottery to help lower the chances of her winning. The hashtag at the end of the advertisement states, #PleaseNotThem.

We love this new idea from lotto and we think Katie Price did a really good job too! Good luck to those who have decided to enter this week. Don’t forget to let us know if you win (and perhaps give us a cut of the money if you’re feeling generous).

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