Since the dawn of the famous selfie, the world has gone into a front camera frenzy. From Snapchatting every man and his dog, to photo bombing a group shot, every nation on the planet just can’t get enough of the new picturesque bonanza.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any deeper into your lives, it’s looking as though it’ll be the next best security method. So, watch out you hackers and fraudsters because selfie’s are the new passwords.

To be trialled by Mastercard, the snappy technology is being used as an acceptable payment method when the faces match the ones with the account. For example, say you order a new wardrobe of clothes online and you don’t remember your pin, no worries, you’ve got your face lodged into your phone!

The executive at Mastercard has stated that ‘The new generation is into selfies… It’ll be cool and they’ll embrace it’. Well, it will be amazing and what’s more, we won’t have to remember anymore passwords. Here’s to hoping the initial 500 trial people find this effective so that the rest of us can get quick-snap access.

2015 is now the death of the password and the birth of personal security. The futures bright and full of password free memory, so let’s get together and get selfie security in the UK.

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