Remember when Dale Doback screamed ‘What are you doing dad? Its shark week’ as his old man switched off the box in the movie ‘Step Brothers’? Well it’s a thing and this week is the time to celebrate the kings of the ocean. Now, all over the internet right up until Sunday, you’re going to see some crazy shark-related things, right through to canines dressing up as their ‘Jaws’ hero, to people feasting on TV marathons with the Discovery Channel.

Here at the SPG, we only thought it would be necessary that we jumped on a boat and hooked onto the hungry trend by giving you some fishy shark facts. So without further or do, or before Dale Doback flips into a rage, here are our top shark facts…

• Forms of shark have been found from over 400 million years ago, just think about how long that actually is!
• They are the top of the food chain in the oceans predators and won’t be rivalled by any plankton at all.
• In a lifetime, one shark can go through up to 20,000 teeth!
• You’re more likely to be bitten by another human rather than a shark (No Luis Suarez pun intended)
• There are more than 400 types of shark about.
• Sharks can vary from 6 inches to 45 feet.

Fascinated? Well we are too. All jokes aside, sharks are amazing creatures and without them, the ocean wouldn’t be the same. Throughout centuries, people have unfairly abused and hurt these fish, so we should celebrate them whilst we can. Embrace them and research into the wonders they do, and just witness to the inspiration they have on pop culture today.

To sign off this shark week shindig, check out the trailer for the world infamous ‘Sharknado 2’ below…