has recently asked a select number of correspondents to complete a survey through OnePoll in July 2015. They took questions from the driving theory test and based the survey around this, and those with an eighty-six percent mark were awarded a pass, much the same as the real thing. Ranging with ages all over, from people who’ve recently passed, to new drivers, this is what they found… have shown that a whopping 98% of drivers forget their theory test in less than one year after they passed. Even more astounding, people who have passed within the six month bracket are the worst culprits, with all of them in the segment proving that they have forgotten their road sense near enough immediately.

Are you a new driver? Or are you in practice? Think you can prove how street smart you are? Well why not have a go at the quiz yourself here: The leading car experts at are offering you the chance to prove your road sense and with that, you can WIN a mini Range Rover Evogue and a cheeky £100 towards a Virgin experience day. The competition ends on the 29th of July, so get yourself online and crack into the test, who knows, you may even shock yourself at what you’ve forgotten.

Here are a few scary facts that were picked up from the survey and with this quiz the facts could get even more frightening:

• 1 in 20 drivers think it’s safe to drive on the hard shoulder if braking, overtaking or in gridlock traffic.
• Two thirds of drivers are unaware of road safety procedure related to those who are visually or hearing impaired.
• 1 in 20 drivers think that you need to show the police your theory test certificate if you’re pulled over for being in a collision.

It’s weird to think that the theory test has actually been about for nearly twenty years! That’s most of our lifetimes! So, is it a time for a change? Some people are more street smart and others are more academically smart, so surely it’s an unfair judgement right off the bat? Some of the facts from the test have proven that three quarters of the people who smashed the pass mark, actually passed their theory over sixteen years ago! I guess it’s true what they say, experience counts for everything.

Next time you’re on the road, to think, what’s the right thing to do? Or even if you’re just a learner, it’s always great to think on your feet. Who knows, your next cruise may be part of a track day on the Virgin experience day in a Ferrari! For that time only, any holes in your theory knowledge won’t matter too much. Don’t forget to enter and put your nest to the test!