Hi Friday, it’s nice to see you once again. It’s just a shame you take so long to get here each week! Don’t worry peeps, we’ve only got until 5 o’clock to go before we can begin to wind down and enjoy that Friday Feeling… or have we? In fact, research suggests that we start out weekends a little bit before that 5pm deadline hits…

Friday. Most peoples favourite day of the week and for good reason, too. No more work for two days. We finally get to have a lie in and spend time doing whatever we want – bliss. This weather just makes weekends even better, doesn’t it? We might as well be abroad. We’re guessing your days off might involve something along the lines of… bbq food and drinks? Yep, we’re planning on doing the same and we couldn’t think of any better way to make the most of the best days of the week – Saturday and Sunday.

Think you have to wait until 5 o’clock to experience that amazing Friday Feeling? Apparently not! According to reports, many of us see Friday’s as unofficial holiday, meaning we quite often skip work, or miss half the day due to those non-existent dentist, or doctors appointments – purely because we fancy an extended weekend.

… and if we do manage to stick around for the whole day, It appears that a lot of us can’t wait until 5pm and that the average worker has actually switched off and gone into weekend mode at around 2:39pm. Apparently, we avoid answering phone calls and delay replying to emails until Monday. Instead, we’re more interested in browsing the internet, arranging our weekend and scrolling through social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

However, it seems it’s not just employees that take Friday’s easier than any other working day… employers do too! When surveyed, workers said their bosses were most lenient on the last day of the week. The also claimed their working environment had a more pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Better still, employees are most likely to get treated on a Friday, including being able to go home early, or bought lunch.

Yet it’s not all positive for employers. It’s been claimed that companies loose hundreds of pounds each month due to their staff not being in on Friday’s, or through them not doing enough work.

Personally, we reckon if you can hold off your Friday Feeling until 2:39pm, you’re doing pretty well. Ours started before we’d even got to work! We hope you enjoyed reading this article instead of answering emails and calls… like you were meant to be doing.

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