One things for sure… you know you’re living in 2015 when it’s World Emoji Day. Wow, hasn’t our world changed dramatically over the years? Just to think, a few years ago, many of us didnt take much notice of emoji’s and some of us may not even of heard of them. Now, millions are used everyday all over the globe…

They allow us to communicate our emotions and feelings more effectively and sometimes, they just outright confuse us, but we can’t help but be besotted with them. Here’s some things you didn’t know about the well-loved little icons…

1. Wondering why World Emoji Day is celebrated today? Take a look at the Calendar Emoji… July 17th is the date that’s displayed, so it makes perfect sense!
2. Shock horror – Emoji’s have actually been around since 1999, but didn’t become popular until 2012, thanks to Apple’s iOS 6.
3. In 2013, ‘Emoji’ was added to the Oxford Dictionary.
4. They’re so cool, they even have their own short documentary!
5. Their popularity has led to some of us getting Emoji tattoos! Miley Cyrus for example, has an inking of the cat Emoji.
6. All the heart Emoji’s and the crying with laughter Emoji are amongst the most popular to be used around the world. In England, apparently, we’re avid users of the winky face… cheeky 😉
7. Ahh be careful! Some Emoji’s can be seen as threatening, such as the gun, or bomb Emoji’s.
8. The hands together Emoji is often used to representing someone praying, when actually, it is a Japanese symbol of apology.

Don’t forget that you can celebrate World Emoji Day too! Simply use the hashtag #WorldEmojiDay.

What’s your favourite Emoji? Tweet it to us, along with the hashtag, @TheSPG.

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