Quentin Tarintino, you’ve done it again. The director behind the most recognised and loved films for decades, has jumped behind the camera once again and he’s brought all his old pals with him. Call him crazy, call him a psycho or call him an artist, there is no denying that this chief instructor can put together an amazing movie. From cult classics such as Pulp Fiction, right through to the gutsy Kill Bill, you’ve definitely seen a Tarintino film somewhere along the line.

Coming off the back of the success most of his most recent number Django Unchained, his brand new release due out in winter has been named ‘The Hateful Eight’, and it includes everything we adore about the director. The visuals have stuck to the style of Django and the western vibe has been truly revived, so we’ll certainly be seeing more revolver totting, horseback gore similar to that in Candie Land. Controversy will be of plenty and there will be some bloodshed too, so if you’re a little bit squeamish, keep your eyes closed at some points for this movie.

It seems that Tarintino always brings back faces of old and in his features, the same actors always appear. And now, in The Hateful Eight, you can only hazard a guess at whose showing up, as Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Madsen and Tim Roth are all making a showcase. So, without further or do, here is the first trailer for the highly anticipated new movie…

Schedule for release in the Winter, this is Tarintino’s eighth directed movie and here’s to hoping he makes another cameo appearance. We can’t wait for it!

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