SeaWorld. A place where dreams come true. Children and adults alike are able to get up, close and personal with these amazing creatures from the ocean and even see them perform some incredible tricks. However, in 2013, the parks reputation was tarnished due to a documentary-film called, ‘Blackfish.’

Yesterday Seaworld announced that their profits have dramatically declined – by as much as 84%, due to what it describes as, ”Continued brand challenges.” The park has struggled to meet analysts expectations after a controversial documentary called, ‘Blackfish’ was released in 2013.

‘Blackfish’ was created and produced by Gabriela Cowperthwaite and looks into the cruel treatment of killer whales within captivity. The one-off documentary film uses extraordinary footage and interviews with SeaWorld staff and killer whale experts to reveal what goes on within the confines of the park walls. The film also particularly focuses on Tilikum – one of the whales at SeaWorld who has tragically killed three trainers.

To get a better understand of what the films about, you may wish to watch the trailer below.
WARNING: These trailer features footage that some people may find upsetting.

Unsurprisingly, once the documentary came out, not only did entries to the park decline, but the companies market value fell by more than half. This has been worrying for SeaWorld and consequently, the company has now launched a big marketing campaign in order to win back visitors, including print, TV and online advertising. The aim of the campaign is to convince the public that SeaWorld treat its animals well, something that certainly didn’t come across in the documentary film, ‘Blackfish.’

Only time will tell whether SeaWorlds efforts will be able to turn their fate around…

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