‘Monogamy is not realistic’ Amy Schumer is repeatedly told in her upcoming movie ‘Trainwreck’. The new Rom-Com release, hitting the big screen this Friday (14th August) looks to be one of the funniest to date, as Amy (played by Amy Schumer) beds her way through three quarters of a town, with a belief that she doesn’t want that special someone in mind. From one drunken one-night-stand to the next, she wilts her way through life, along with working as a magazine writer, until one day she is sent out on a set story.

The actress is tasked to get the scoop on a local sports doctor, but not only is he any old fitness quack; he’s that of Le Bron James (playing himself in the movie). And my goodness does she get a shock, as she falls weak at the knees for the good guy, and therefore, changes her outlook on life.

Without revealing too much from the movie, check out the trailer below where you can see Le Bron James playing himself, John Cena making a cameo appearance and also plenty of booze filled, banter action…

So, why not head on down to the cinema to check this one out! It’s certainly going to be fuelled with innuendo, adult humour and a bundle full of laughs, and who knows, you may even have a friend or two just like Amy. You can be the judge of whether monogamy is real or not.