‘It’s Alive!’ The legendary tale of the famed creation ‘Frankenstein’ is being brought back to life on the big screen this coming November, and it’s seeming to be better than ever in the all new trailer. Release only yesterday, the clip for the upcoming flick showcases somewhat of a thicker level of realism, not forgetting to mention the darkened humour that has been brought to the script too. Again, you can expect to see the story unfold as you know it, with Victor Frankstein and his protégé Igor menacing to make a monster, and what’s more, the movie has brought some serious talent to the table.

It seems that Daniel Radcliff has swapped the days of his cloak and wand for a more graphic fantasy in his recent movies, as he plays the assistant of Igor in the upcoming flick. And to top that off, the picture is using more of Britain’s best in the form of the Scotsman, James McCavoy as the estranged scientist Victor Frankenstein. With these two heading the bill, we can expect nothing but the best from this film, so will it be the best Frankenstein yet?

Check out the trailer below to see if you’re as hyped up for this as we are…

November 25th, the monster will be awoken from the dead, so grab your cinema tickets and hide behind your bucket of popcorn because you do not want to miss out. Frankenstein is back, and he’s as gruesome as he’ll ever be!

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