Whether you’re a fan of rock music or not, I advise you to go see the Foo Fighters one day soon because they are probably the greatest performers going in this day in age. As we are in peak of festival season at the moment, Grohl and his guys have been embarking on a globetrotting journey, bringing their sound to millions, and it can’t go without saying that they’ve made some history of their own along the way. From headlining Radio 1’s Big Weekend back in May, to Dave breaking a leg (literally) on stage, it’s undeniable they have been astounding this summer.

But again, they’ve come through and produced another level of awesomeness, as they made one fans dream come true during the song ‘Hero’. It was through a usual set in Colorado where Dave Grohl was sat sending tingles of emotion into the crowd, when he spotted a sole drunken guy who was balling his eyes out in tears. ‘There goes my hero’ rung across the waves of people, and it all got too much for Anthony in the video below…

So, what does Mr. Grohl do in true Foo fashion? He get’s Anthony on stage and makes his passion come true with an empowering gift of being the centre of the band. I can assure you, after Anthony woke up in a hung over state the next day; his hairs would still be crawling and his tears? Yeah, probably still flowing. Hat’s off to you again Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters, you’re a truly down to earth band, looking to create better for the world of rock. We salute you.

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