As humans, we naturally take everything in our stride on a daily basis, constantly wishing we had better things, that we were in a different place or just in fact, that we were a more supreme being. The time passes by, you’ll complete the routine and then onto the next one; week in, week out, leading up to an essential date in the diary. From the clothes on our back, having food on the table and breathing in clean oxygen; all these things we don’t even think twice about before indulging ourselves, when yet, millions of people over the globe struggle on as the months go by.

Well, picture this, something as simple as our human sight; the ability to see nature and beauty in it’s clearist light, the ability to visualise the world in colour. We all dream of waking up to a curved, brand spanking new, 4K television, but do you ever think to just go outsight and gaze at your surroundings? A trip to a picturesque beach, or even a walk down a bustling high street, there is just so much going on that we drizzle over in a mere flutter.

The video below truly highlights human appreciation and just how lucky we are, when a young man from America gets to see the world in colour for the first time after his friend buys him a special pair of glasses. With a specific lens, the specs enable the gentleman to visualise what he hasn’t been able to in his whole life, and his reaction is hair raising. You can genuinely grip the emotion that’s flowing through him as he slips on the glasses, and after he is in awe. Words can not describe how touching this is…

So, next time you head out to where ever you’re going, take it all in and appreciate what the planet has to offer. Even if it’s the daily trip to the office, take a second to gaze out of the window and empower yourself with gladness. Stop wishing for better things and love yours! Everything you’ve got, everyone you know and every trip you make, enjoy it all.

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