The largely anticipated iPhone 6 Plus was finally unveiled on 9th September 2014 and released 10 days later on the 19th September. The new gadget promised an iPhone that was the largest apple had created, yet also the thinnest the company had produced. Whilst Apple certainly delivered in terms of size, did they manage to cover all areas?

Apparently not. We all love to take a selfie, right? Or to take numerous pics of our beloved cat. Whatever your photo-fetish is, we’re all guilty of getting a bit snap-happy from time to time. So when we purchased the iPhone 6 Plus, we expected nothing but crisp, clear images, qui? Well for some buyers, this is not what they got.

Apple have revealed that some iPhone 6 pluses have blurry cameras. If you think your phone is one of the ones effected, you can get your iSight camera replaced free of charge. Your phone is most likely to have a faulty camera if you purchased it between September 2014 – January 2015. To know for sure, simply click on the following link, type in your serial number and see if your phones eligible for repair. The page also helps you to find an appropriate drop-off point.

This isn’t a great revelation for the company, after it was revealed earlier on in the year that the iPhone 6 Plus could easily bend. However, Apple have stressed that it is a small number of phones that have been effected, so fingers crossed your phone is in top-tip condition!

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