All you football fanatics out there will be pleased to hear (not that you didn’t already know) that FIFA 16 is coming pretty soon! The release date for the latest edition of the game in the UK is 25th September 2015, so you’ve got around 7 weeks to go… we’re sure you’re counting down! So why is FIFA 16 better than previous versions of the game? If you’re looking for a good excuse as to why you just have to purchase this game, we have a few reasons for you…

1. The game has 9 pre-season tournaments for you to participate in
2. Each week, you’ll be able to select 5 players that you can train in order to improve their performance on the pitch. This is particularly useful for players of a young age
3. Club and player funds have become more realistic and closer to what you would expect in real life.
4. Commentators will talk about more football-related topics on the pitch, including how teams are performing and players being transferred
5. Game makers have introduced no touch dribbling
6. You’ll be able to see information on players for longer
7. You can play as Women’s National Teams

Check out the FIFA 16 Official Trailer:

So if you want to get your hands on this new game, how much can you expect to pay for FIFA 16?
Xbox One and PS4 – £45
Xbox 360 and PS3 – £40
PC Version – £30

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