Karl Pilkington. A man of wisdom, a man of opinion and most of all, a man who wants to understand the meaning (or moaning) of life. Trial, open minded attributes and an array of multi talent has blessed Karl, but this year he has set himself on an all new adventure to uncover some of the world’s most bizarre things. That’s right, The Moaning of Life is back again with a second series!

In 2013, Karl undertook a challenge like no other, all in the name of entertainment and with that, gave birth to The Moaning of Life. In hilarious style, the English comic had us churning with belly laughs, as he was thrown in at the deep end on an array of quirky lifestyles and hobbies. From contemplating death, to arranged marriages, the middle aged man uncovered some dubious things and he brought his Gervais style humour to mix it up too.

Much the same as his brilliant ‘An Idiot Abroad’, you can’t help but love Karl. He’s a comedic genius and he truly brings a smile as he digs into world culture. Not only are his shows hilarious, but they are quite educational too, and we find it so interesting to see how the rest of the world live.

Haven’t yet seen the trailer for series 2? Check it out below…

Man, does this look funny? Chundering paint, skinny dipping in sewers and clambering about in a robo suit, Karl is going to have us in fits once again and we can’t wait to see some more from the guy! Be sure to tune in or in the mean time, catch up on what you’ve missed out on from the rest of his shows.