Ah, The Jeremy Kyle Show. It’s outrageous, shocking and outright unbelievable at times. I mean, it’s crazy to think some of the situations aired on that show actually occur, but… they do and we all secretly love watching them unravel before our eyes. So, what is it that draws us to Jezza so much Here are some reasons why we just can’t get enough of The Jeremy Kyle Show…

1. The teeth… or lack of.
It seems quite a few people who feature on Jezza Kyle haven’t had a trip to their dentist for a while, or more realistically, they’ve never been to the dentist. Either half of them are missing, they’re stained a lovely shade of brown, or they enter the room before they do.

2. Graham
”Graham’s on the show ladies and gentlemen.” We just can’t get enough of Jeremy’s little sidekick and member of the after-care team, Graham Stainer. A nice natured man who genuinely seems to what to help guests resolve their problems. Him and Jez also seem to have a great bond too… we love it.

3. The catchphrases
Here are some of our favourite Jezza lines…
”Put something on the end of it!”
”You Sir, are a disgrace.”
”The lie detector results are in.”
”This is my show, that’s why it’s called, ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show.”

4. The Comebacks
However, guests do give as good as they get. Here’s a video of one man standing up to Mr Kyle…

5. The lie detector
The moment we all wait for… is her nieces ex-boyfriends step-brother the baby’s father? The anticipation practically killers us as we Jeremy reveals the final blow.

6. The Denial Stage
The entertainment doesn’t suddenly end when the lie detector results are revealed, in fact, they usually heighten the tension, as guests protest their innocence and claim it’s all been one big fix. Better still, the shocker, ‘mouth drops to the floor moment’ when the results are inconclusive…. what’s gong to happen now?!

Jezza, on behalf of the UK, thank you for providing us with some great entertainment.

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