Most of us, during at least one moment in our lives, have been tempted to get a tattoo. They’re trendy, cool and are a personal, creative addition to bodies. However, lots of us are put off by the fact they’re completely permanent – until now that is! Finally, tattoos that last two weeks are available for us to purchase…

Do I? Don’t I? What if I don’t like it when I’m older? Will it go out of fashion? How are my parents going to react? These are just some of the questions you may have asked yourself when thinking about getting an inking. The thought that once it’s on your body, it’s essentially there for life, is pretty daunting, to say the least. Yes, you can get them laser removed, but that’s not really the point and who wants to go through that sort of pain? Not to mention that the procedure also takes weeks and costs a bomb!

Well, thanks to two brothers, getting an inking without having to think too deeply about the consequences has now become possible! Like majority of us, the siblings are big fans of tattoos, but didn’t want to commit to having one on their bodies forever, so together, they created the company, ‘Inkbox Tattoos.’

So how does it work? You place your desired tattoo on the area of your body you wish it to be on and it develops within 12-24 hours. The tattoo naturally fades after two weeks, meaning you can then reapply the tattoo, change it for a new design, or never have to see it again! What’s more, that tattoos are made from fruit, so they’re completely 100% organic!

Some talented artists have worked on their designs, so make sure you check out Inkbox’s website. The brother’s are also hoping to raise $100,000, so that you can create the tattoo you’ve always dreamed of… we just love this idea!

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