We can learn a lot from the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. After all, these people have mastered various skills in order to run their own companies to the best of their abilities. From making wise investment decisions, through to learning when to take risks and when to play it safe.

Sara Rotman
Sara is a hugely successful advertising entrepreneur who warns people to never get too comfortable in their position if they wish to remain successful. Being complacent is dangerous in business and you need to stay hungry in order to grow – this hunger will force you to keep pushing for more.

Jon Taffer
Restaurateur Jon Taffer advises wannabe entrepreneurs to ensure that they consider every part of their business, from location to light fixtures.

Mark Cuban
Known for making great investment decisions, Cuban made a significant deal when he sold his company, ‘Broadcast.com’ in 1999 for $5.7 billion in Yahoo stocks. He says having a sense of self confidence is important and you always need to believe in yourself if you want to be a winner.

Tim Ferriss
Author Tim Ferriss advises people to make sure they associate themselves with the right people. He applies this to everything he does, which has brought him a lot of success. Entrepreneurs should think about this carefully when doing things such as investing in start-ups.

Sylvie di Giusto
Di Giusto has enjoyed a wonderful career and puts this down to the fact she never takes anything for granted. Having a degree and natural talent certainly helps, but it doesn’t guarantee you anything in life. Remaining humble is important if you want to be successful.

Marcus Lemonis
Lemonis puts his entrepreneurial success largely down to getting into a sector that allows you to enjoy being a big fish in a small pond. It is far easier to get involved in a small industry that to compete with well-established companies, as this will enable you to make a difference.

Dan Horan
According to Dan Horan, keeping things simple is important. When making decisions, taking risks and investing money, you should keep everything as uncomplicated as possible if you are serious about being successful.

Dane Atkinson
When asked what made Dane Atkinson so successful, he simply replied that he learnt how to say no to things that he didn’t want to do. Just because something is a great idea, it doesn’t mean it will work and Atkinson advises people to make sure they learn how to say no when something isn’t 100% ideal.

Jessie Goldenberg
However, in stark contrast to Atkinson, Jessie Goldenberg puts a lot of her success down to taking risks. She left a well-paid job to follow her dream of running her own fashion boutique and went from breaking even in 2013, to huge success just two years later.

Jon Levy
Levy wants to tell budding entrepreneurs to concentrate on their networking. This means you need to concentrate on associating yourself with the right people, but also let go of negative relationships and push forward with new ones that have a lot of promise.

Some of these stars began their careers by taking on the sort of roles one would find at a site such as Exec Appointments, others have launched their own businesses at an early age and never looked back. Either way, they largely agree that success comes with qualities such as motivation and determination, but it is vital that you are always working hard to find solutions, no matter what problems you are faced with.

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