University life is all built around leading to a specific job role or career, however sometimes as a young person, you aren’t quite ready to step into the working world. This can be through multiple feelings, and it’s often found that it’s not because you don’t have the capability of pursuing in your career, it’s simply because you are under prepared.

The University of Greenwich have teamed up with Northern Trust EMEA to deliver an opportunity to graduates and students, in which they ready themselves for the working world. Here, in the video below, the CEO of Northern Trust EMEA, Wilson Leech (alumni of the University of Greenwich) talks us through the fundamentals of preparing and learning about the industry you move into, and with that, explains why they offer opportunities to students who are in search of developing their career.

A mentoring scheme has been put in place between the two, and it has been a renowned success so far. They’ve had one hundred and fifty students through it since 2008 and not only that, some of them have gone on to gain a permanent role in the company. So, if you really have the work ethic to pursue in the business world and have a genuine interest in gaining a career, check out the University of Greenwich and the brilliant scheme they have in place with Northern Trust.