Whether you like it or not, at university you’re going to have to leave mum’s cooking behind and will have to fend off the fears of the oven by cooking your own filling meals. The heat will be intensified, you’ll have more unknown utensils than a plumber’s tool box, and what’s more, one cannot simply survive off the nutrients of instant noodles alone, so with that in mind, it’s a good idea you learn how to cook. Mastering the stove is never going to come easy, but once you do, you’ll never go back to the days of dry pasta ever again.

Now, everyone says you’ve got to do certain things in your first year of uni, but apart from the obvious (Freshers week and living it up), there are some key things you can do to enhance your experience even more. Joining societies, socialising and trecking round your new town, all of which are amazing essentials in the initial year, but one thing we’d really recommend doing is cooking up a storm for your new flat buddies. You may be scared of giving them a rotten stomach or a raw case of food poisoning, but fear no more because we’ve put together the perfect meals you can slosh up for your pals below…

Roast Dinner – Everyone loves a roast. Grab a cooked chicken from the supermarket and some ready made trimmings in the freezer section, then BAM! Family Carvery for you and your flat mates!

Fajitas – Make Mexican night more than just a tequila or seven. Pre-packed boxes dressed with simple instructions are easy to pick up and it doesn’t take Jamie Oliver to put this together in a tasty banquet.

Spaghetti Bolognese – An essential crowd pleasure, you’d be at a hard push to find someone who doesn’t love this! A pan full of pasta, a heap of mince beef and a jar of sweet tomato passata, all sided with cheesy garlic bread. Delicious!

Pasta Bake – Simple yet affective, this tummy tickling delight will keep any student going for a night on the tiles. Full to the brim and carbed up, you’ll be busting dance moves for ages, not forgetting the energy you save from the minimal cooking effort.

Burgers – Fill your boots with this classic. Grill some patties of your choice, top with creamy cheese, slide them into soft white buns and serve with chips. If your flat mates say that they don’t like these after your efforts, you can’t be friends.

So, there you have it! Five simple meal plans you could roll out for your flat family in your first year of Uni. We highly recommend you do it, as not only will it enhance your skills in the kitchen but you’ll be loved forever between your house mates. Just don’t make it an everyday occurrence to be known as the Uni’s Delia Smith! Good luck and enjoy your dinner!

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