Earlier on in the week, we wrote an article about eating hot food making you live longer, so it’s a good job really that the hottest chilli pepper is about to go on sale in stores this week…

A recent study, which involved researchers looking into almost half a million Chinese peoples diets, discovered a rather interesting finding. Chinese citizens were 14% less likely to die if they had six or seven spicy meals during the week, compared to those that had a spicy meal one a week, or less.

If that wasn’t good enough… eating spices regularly also reduced their risk of cancer, heart disease, respiratory problems and for females, they appeared to help them fight infection.

So, with these research findings in mind, ladies and gentlemen, we introduce: the Komodo Dragon. Grown by Salvatore Genovese in Bedfordshire, it is the hottest chilli pepper to be commercially grown in the UK. It is a fiery 1.4m on the scoville heat scale and you can now test it out in various Tesco stores.

Be warned though, if you wish to try this chilli beast, that burning sensation may not hit you straight away. The Komodo Dragon blesses you with a delayed reaction, so you won’t necessarily feel the heat until a short while after your first bite.

Desperate to get your hands on one? You can buy a 45g packet of the Komodo Dragon for just £1. One piece of advice though – when munching on this beast, try to make sure you have a friendly glass of milk next to you!

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