On the day of the return of the British Bake Off, the internet has given us an early treat, a treat similar to that of one on Christmas Eve. This present comes in the form of a doughnut, a milkshake… and Nutella; oh, lord protect our cholesterol and bless our taste buds.

The culinary angel has been sent straight from a lab in an Australian cafe called Sydney cafe Foodcraft Espresso, and with that, they’ve had people queuing at the door for days to chow down on it. On Instagram, it’s fast becoming a trending success, racking up 20 hours and over 3500 likes and to top that, they’ve sent the internet into a spiral of hunger.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald’s GoodFood, the quality sundae has an indulgent three scoops of Nutella and vanilla ice cream, a decadent Tell ball doughnut (chocolate filled doughnut) plonked on top and a blend of ice inside the cup, all of which is pierced with a straw so you can suck the calories straight in.

What a beautiful sight, we need one of these in our life now and can’t wait until such a creation reaches our shores. Australia, we salute you. You are truly doing doughnuts right, and I think for a Wednesday afternoon, you’ve definitely won the internet.

Check out the snap of the beast below…