Champagne is soooo 2014, darling. Whether it’s Ace of Spades champagne, Dom Perignon, or just your cheap bottle from your local supermarket, it seems that after a market review of the past year, Champagne sales are getting knocked. So, from what used to be the celebration drink of choice, what has now taking it over on the marketplace? Well, it’s none other than its fizzy cousin from Italy, Prosecco.

According to research that was only released yesterday, the Italian sparkling wine, known as Prosecco, has overtaken Champagne sales by a mile for the first time in the UK. With a reputation of coming as a ‘cheaper, yet quality alternative’, it’s no wonder the drink has become more popular and with that, sales have jumped up a whopping 72% in recent times (these reaching £339 million) On the other end of the scale, champers rose increased by only 1.2%, with total sales of £250 million.

So, next time you fancy a sparkling celebration or you just want to treat yourself, why not suckle down to a bottle of Prosecco? It’s cheaper, it’s sparkly and it gets you just as drunk as Champagne. The Italian cousin of the world famous drink has now come up on its older relative, and it’s going to take over the booze world.

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