You’re gagging for a packet of classic, tasty crisps, so you head down to your local supermarket to see if you can pick up something to suppress your cravings. You head into the store, shoot for the snack isle, and what lies ahead? Well, nothing but fancy root vegetable peelings, dowsed in the most prestigious herbs and aromatic spices, triple baked in health. *Sigh*, whatever happened to the good old golden days where you could just walk in and grab a bag of meaty beef crisps?

Well, look no further because the brains at Walkers have decided to bring back six quality favourites from the snack past, and with that, they are giving us the chance to munch through them once again. So out of these fun size bundles of snack love, which one is your favourite? As we have Toasted Cheese, Beef and Onion, Cheese and Chive, Barbecue, Lamb and Mint and the always famous, you either love it or you hate it, Marmite on offer. My goodness, what an excuse to put yourself into a crispy coma.

A strong staple in any bodies lunch box, be it in between two slabs of bread or riding solo, the British crisp is truly getting the revival it deserves but make sure you don’t miss out on this. Walkers are only offering these up for a certain time and YOU have to choose your winner. Simply vote for your flavour before they shoot off of the shelves and if you’re lucky enough, not only will your flavour be top of the pile, but you could snatch the £100,000 prize on offer too! We’re going with the meaty taste of Beef and Onion… Beautiful. Keep your eyes peeled for it soon and check out the ad for the 1980’s Toasted Cheese Walkers below…

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