Here in the UK, it’s a rare occasion that you’ll see anyone with a hot tub and a swimming pool in their back garden, and what’s even rarer than that, is the fact you’ll see a big black bear casual strolling around on your patio as well. Now, we have to thank our Canadian cousins for this one because we’ve seen both in the same basket on the internet… And the grizzly even takes the time to dink his toes in the Jacuzzi too.

Watch the video below, as a couple in Vancouver spy out of the window upon the furry beast chilling out in the yard, and with that, they even manage to snap him on camera as he wallows in the tub…

Poor ol’ fellow looks as though he’s hurt his foot! They should have gone out there with a pot of honey and a sun hat to make him feel at home. I don’t honestly know how I’d react to something like this; I mean in the UK, we freak out if we see a fox peddling through the bushes, let alone a bear. Even a little paddling pool in the back garden would be nice (WHEN the sun is out that is)

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