We posted some brilliantly bizarre things that happened in the news a couple of months ago and now this popular little feature is back! We’re bringing you the daft, the strange and the outright amazing stories to have hit the news recently… you wouldn’t believe some of this stuff has actually happened! 

1. Want a really fancy, over the top wedding present? Simple. All you have to do is become Cristiano Ronaldos agent. According to reports, the football legend treated his agent, Jorge Mendes to a Greek island.

2. We all know stealing is wrong, but if you were to hypothetically steal something, what would be first on your list? An iPad maybe? or that awesome massive flat screen tv that you could no way near afford? Not for one man – he was seen coming out of a supermarket having stolen, wait for it… a Winnie the Pooh toy car. What a vehicle!

3. We should all be hugely thankful for our emergency services and we all know that you only dial 999 when it’s deem an emergency. However, unfortunately, not everyone sees the police this way, as Avon and Sumorset police revealed some of the nuisance calls they receive. Including, someone who reported they were being chased by a badger and another person wanting to speak to the Queen. Not right now, darling, she’s unavailable at present…

4. Children (and secretly adults) love the Minions films and it seems that one little girl owes them a particularly large amount of thanks. A young, 5-year-old child fell three stories and escaped with only a broken arm due to the fact she was holding a Minion teddy, which absorbed most of the impact. Now that’s a one in a Minion teddy bear!

5. And from one miraculous teddy bear to another! A baby sloth, named Edward, was unable to be looked after by his mum, as she stopped producing milk. Clinging to their mums whilst feeding, enables sloths to grow muscles, so to help strengthen his little limbs, a London zookeeper came up with the idea of a surrogate teddybear that can be hung from branches!

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