We all have weird, wonderful, quirky habits. Some we share with our best friends, others we like to keep to ourselves and hide from the world. Outright refusing to admit that we do them. Fact is, we’ve all said, or done some things that have made us think, ‘Why am I so strange?’ Well, don’t fret, we’re here to make you feel normal with these brilliantly bizarre, bonkers things that have happened in the news recently…

1. 36-year-old Nik Wallenda answered onlookers questions whilst walking along a tightrope that was over tens storeys high. He also currently holds 9 Guinness World Records for his stunts!

2. Competing in a World Championships is pretty impressive, let alone being just 10 years of age. You heard right! Alzain Tareq is the youngest swimmer to ever compete and may appear in the next Olympics!

3. Fancy a change of career? 32-year-old footballer, Jermain Defoe is looking for a personal assistant. You’ll be on a pretty decent salary – around £50,000 a year. However, unfortunately, it won’t all be glamorous, as one of your tasks is to pick up Mr Defoes dry-cleaning.

4. There’s a lesson to be learnt here… don’t try and fit yourself into a washing machine. In Sydney, fire-fighters spent an hour helping a 22-year-old male free himself from the appliance. His ordeal lasted around three hours.

5. Do not try and urinate on a wall in San Franciso because if you do, your urine will be sprayed back at you. The city has painted some of its walls with a repellent, due to urination becoming such an issue.

6. It appears that your phone making a noise when you get a message through isn’t enough nowadays. Microsoft may create clothing that means your skin tingles when you get a text come through.

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