After the raggedy curtain has finally been dropped on the world wonder that is Dismaland, Banksy has had renowned success there for the past few weeks now. From people travelling across the globe to see the attraction, to queues over 2,000 people long, Weston-Super-Mare has never seen something so historical and gruesome at the same time.

And everyone is dying to get a glimpse at what is really going on there. Whether you just can’t get a break from the 9-5 to slot in, or you simply aren’t able to get to Dismaland, Banksy has now revealed huge hints in the fresh commercial that has been just released so you can see what you’re missing out on.

In the video, a bog standard family of four from the UK ponder the decision about going to the astounding theme park, when they suddenly come to the decision that it’s a must. From there, the visuals reflect and mock the style of typical theme park ads, but this time it’s filled with a dark Dismaland twist. As the camera pans through the spooky arts, the family seem disappointed but happy, mimicking the true attraction style. But that’s enough from me; check out the video below on why you must go now…

So, there you have it. Dismaland, Weston-Super-Mare. A journey upon the dirty truth of society and the way art paints our culture. All aboard the Banksy bus, we’re off to Dismaland!

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