You may or may not have heard of the Westboro Baptist Church set out in the USA, but if you have, you’ll know they are some of the foulest people to walk the earth. With Louis Theroux once exposing them in an in depth documentary, the religious extremist are a collective of people who spill hatred towards set groups, and in the past these have included fallen soldiers, homosexuals, fellow Americans and even family members. From ridiculous protests, to devoting their lives to the cult, the Westboro Baptist Church is not one to keep their opinions unheard.

That is until, a certain band known as the Foo Fighters come down to rain on their parade. The music group, lead by Dave Grohl, have been known to have a spat or two with Westboro in the past after an uproar was caused over the Church slating the Foo’s gigs (this leading to them performing Hot Buns to the Westboro in the past too). With that in mind, the band jumped on the back of a pick-up truck (some donning fancy outfits), blasted out Rick Astley ‘Never Gunna Give You Up’ and headed to the Westboro’s latest parade, and here is what happened…

I think that’s 1-0 to the Foo Fighters don’t you? They’ve really been on top of their game lately and this only gives us more reason to love the guys! As the poster in the video states ‘Keep it Clean’ and keep Dave Grohlling (or Rick rolling) groups like this in the future. Hat’s off to you again guys, you truly are heroes.

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