For most of us, when we go on holiday, we expect to relax, enjoy ourselves and get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. However, sometimes situations arise that mean our holiday doesn’t quite turn out how we envisaged…

25-year-old Georgia Bradley was holidaying in Crete, Greece with her boyfriend when two men made an advance on her and asked if she would go for a drink with them. As her boyfriend was at a local cafe at the time, he wasn’t there to defend her and when Georgia rejected their offer, the two men began to show aggression towards her.

The Plymouth University student was terrified and with her boyfriend not around at the time, Georgia had no idea what was going to happen to her. However, luckily a good samaritan was nearby… a small stray dog. The black stray began barking at the men, which consequently make them rethink their actions.

After that moment, the dog, who Georgia named, ‘Pepper’ followed her and her boyfriend around everywhere and even waited for them outside their apartment. The couple tried to find an owner for Pepper, but soon learnt that she was a stray.

As they left Crete and arrived back home in Cornwall, Georgia was unable to get Pepper off her mind and returned to the island as soon as she could – two weeks later. Astonishingly, she found Pepper at exactly the same beach and paid to bring the friendly canine back with her.

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