It’s Friday, you’ve got that feeling itching at the end of your finger tips to let loose and set off for the weekend in a mad rush of adrenaline. You fancy popping in the pub for a swift pint on the way home from work because the sunshine and electricity is pushing you over the draught craving edge; so you go for it. Ahhhh, nothing beats the refreshing taste of the first sip of a crisp pint. It cuts straight through the stress of the week, it revives your taste buds and you deflate your brain into a zen like state where nothing matters but the frosty glass of nectar in front of you.

And there literally couldn’t be a better excuse to suckle on that cheeky beverage, because today my friends, marks the date of international beer day. A day that you thought was every Friday and Saturday actually has its own annual… And all I can say to that is, let the fun commence. From Ales to Bitters, and local brews to internationals, there is a beer for every occasion and everyone, so here at the SPG we’ve put together our top five favourite nations of beer for the special day…

5.) Ireland

4.) United Kingdom

3.) The USA

2.) Belgium

1.) Germany

So, there you have it! Tonight (or this afternoon if you’re lucky enough) when you sit down to choose your beer of desire, how about go for something different? Taste the world and what they have to offer in terms of beverages, and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Cheers! Salutations! Enjoy your beers!