For the 24th year running, on the 13th August, left handers around the world come together to celebrate and embrace their left-handedness. Even though you may feel a bit out of place sometimes, fear not, we’re here to show you why you’re awesome…

Firstly, you lefties make up just 13% of the population, meaning you’re pretty unique. However, unfortunately, we live in a world that is very much built for the average person, so you’ve undoubtedly encountered a number of everyday struggles because of the hand you write with. Do any of these sound familiar?

1. Scissors
2. University writing desks
3. Tin openers
4. Spiral notebooks
5. Pens on chains
6. Shaking hands
7. Receiving change

Although you guys probably have a harder time of it than your right-handed pals, you certainly do have some advantages over us!

1. You’re 10% more likely to pass your driving test 1st time
2. You have a greater chance of becoming a genius
3. You have the upper hand when it comes to sport
4. You tend to earn more money
5. You’re more creative
6. You can see underwater better

To support Left-Handers Day, or to learn more about their quirky habits, check out their website.

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