We all get fed up of doing the standard 9-5, five days a week. It’s boring, tiring and quite frankly, there are far more interesting things that we could be doing and instead, we’re sat at work wishing time away. If you could make your life better in three words, what would yours be? Here’s what you twitter lot had to say…


1. Add more bacon
2. Free wifi everywhere
3. Ben and Jerry’s
4. No more cancer
5. Kentucky fried chicken
6. Winning lottery ticket
7. Self-cleaning house
8. Early thirties retirement
9. Jars of Nutella
10. No more taxes
11. Letter to Howgwarts

We couldn’t help but notice that rather a lot of these were food related, however, we agree… you cannot beat Ben and Jerrys!

Think you’ve got a better three words? You know what to do… Tweet us @TheSPG!

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