Who doesn’t love to be wined and dined at a local restaurant? You call in advance to book your favourite spot, you check into the diner, sit down, get waited on hand and foot, and just generally enjoy the luxuries of eating out. The food is often amazing, with the waiting staff being attentive and you can’t beat the feeling of when your grub is being brought to the table. Wow, it really beats going to your nearest drive thru for a hearty burger… or does it?

In a bid to revive some of their lost trade, global fast food giants, McDonalds are now trialling a table waiting service in the UK, and they are looking to expand it at a rapid rate. After a review of the takings of the months gone by, Maccies sat down to notice that they had a 0.7% loss in global comparable sales, all to go with the income which also fell by 16%. Setting off crisis alarms, this has led to the trial taking place in Manchester, England, whilst it’s already spawned in Australia, Switzerland, France and Germany too.

The basics behind the tech will be that there is a fixed tablet in place at set tables; the customer would then order his or her munch and, in true restaurant style, the food would magically appear piping hot from the kitchen in the arms of a glamorous waiter. A spokesperson for the UK chain has said “To meet customers’ evolving expectations we are investing in our restaurants to create an exciting new environment and improve the customer experience… It’s an idea that has been successfully launched in other McDonald’s markets including France, Germany and Australia, and we are keen to see if it will prove as popular with customers in the UK.”

So, next time you grab yourself a partner and fancy a date, pie off the cheeky Nandos and buffets because McDonalds are the new boys in diner town, and they don’t scrimp back on style. Whether it’s a twenty chicken nugget box and a multiple tubs of curry sauce, or you’re one of those who dips their fries into a strawberry milkshake, Maccies waiters are there for you. We can’t wait to not have to get up to grab our food, so here’s to more fast food on foot. In the mean time, check out this quality video of a robot pulling drive thru pranks…