Woof! August 26th is when we celebrate National Dog Day, because why wouldn’t we want to show how much we appreciate our four legged friends?

Animal behaviourist expert, Colleen Paige came up with the idea in 2004. The purpose of the worldwide trending holiday is to alert members of the public to the number of rescue dogs that need new homes and to acknowledge how much good they do for our society.

So whether your feline friends a police dog, blind dog, assistance dog, bomb disposal dog, or just an amazing dog in their own right, we have some videos of some pretty heroic hounds that we wanted to share with you…

Blind dog jumps in front of a bus to save his owner

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier acts as a guide dog for his blind Jack Russell companion, Glenn

A dogs beautiful interaction with a Down Syndrome little boy

A service dog helps a child with Autism 

Paddy the sniffer dog helps keep Gatwick Airport safe by detecting explosives 

I think we can all agree these pooches are pretty amazing!

In honour of National dog day, please donate anything you can to your local dog charity today.

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