Zzz… Oh, sorry! You just caught us sleeping there for a moment. National Lazy Day… in other words, it’s like a normal day for most of us. Just take advantage of the fact, today, you can get a way with being EXTRA lazy. Here are some tips to ensure you barely lift a finger (heaven forbid)…

1. Stay In Bed
Do not get up unless you absolutely have to, i.e. to go to the toilet for example (that’s just gross!) Relish life amongst your soft, clean sheets and extra cuddly duvet. Bliss.
2. Self Acceptance
Are you going to feel guilty about spending all day doing nothing? Absolutely not. Relax, you can do nothing all day and it’s perfectly acceptable.
3. Fatty Snacks
No lazy day is complete without what is commonly classed as, ‘heart attack food’, but don’t even think for once second about getting it yourself. Oh no. Get that diabetes bundle delivered to your door in the form of a Dominos.
4. Be Smelly
This is key to having the perfect slobbery day. Do not wash. Repeat: do not wash. You have not fully indulged in a lazy day if you do not whiff a bit and chances are, if you’ve got a bit of an odour to you, people are less likely to ask you to do something, meaning you can continue doing exactly what you want – sitting on your bum. Oh and deodorant is also a big no no.
5. Same Clothes
Similar to the tip above… stay in the same clothes. Who wants to wear fresh, clean, perfectly-ironed clothes? Exactly. Save them for when you’re going out and seeing people.
6. Recruit A Member Of Staff
This is ideal and if you can tick this one of your list, we salute you. If you can find a willing, ‘member of staff’ a.k.a family member to bring you up whatever you wish then you have done well. However, unfortunately, this is highly unlikely and quite rightly, they’ll most likely tell you that you’re, ”Taking the biscuit. ”
7. Delay, Delay, Delay
Chores, Uni work, replying to text messages – fear not, they can wait until tomorrow. Today is all about relaxation. Feel guilty? Revisit point no.2 and wrongly justify to yourself that you’re being productive – if not in the body, but in the mind.

So there you have it… how to make the most of National Lazy Day. Follow these tips and you’ll be a pro slob in no time.

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