In a galaxy not so, far, far away, Disney are planning to bring not one, but two Star Wars theme parks to our planet, all in the name of using the force. Since taking over the franchise a few years back, the chiefs behind the brand are really looking to give it the reboot it deserves, and with that, they’re not only reviving new movies, but are also breathing a fresh life into the space trend.

With the new movie set for blast off in December, Disney are scheduling the adrenaline fuelled Star Wars parks to open in two different locations; one being at their Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida, and the other being at Disneyland Park in California. Both galactic adventures are set to take up an approximate fourteen acres, as well as containing some fan favourites in the form of the prime hangout for smugglers (the Cantina) and you’ll also be able to take flight of the Millennium Falcon too.

Building a world, within a world is a massive job and it’s yet to be given a scheduled date and time. However, all we know is, we’ll definitely be going when it’s up and until then, we’ll keep gazing over the trailer for the new movie below. May the force be with you…

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