We’re all guilty of doing some rather odd things. You know, the kind of things that you rarely confess to. The sort that if someone asked you if you did them, you’d most likely outright deny them. However, chances are, if we were all open about talking about our quirky habits, we’d probably discover that we all do them, it’s just not necessarily sociably acceptable to admit that we do! So with that in mind, here are some confessions from us here @TheSPG!


1. Joining a gym and then only going twice
2. Always saying, ”I think that’s right” when giving the cashier the right change
3. Stalking your crushes best friends sisters boyfriend
4. Confining in your pet about your life problems
5. Pulling a sickie
6. Staring out of a window as though you’re in a high-profile music video
7. Being unable to say, ”What” anymore than two times after not hearing what a persons said
8. Pretending to use your phone when you’re alone in public
9. Secretly being pleased that you did better than your friend in an assignment
10. Realising your walking in the wrong direction but not wanting to turn round
11. Setting your Twitter profile to private in the hope it with annoy your crush enough for them to follow you (If they even check your profile).
12. Claiming you love a particular TV show because all your friends do, when you’ve never actually watched it
13. Not wanting to move immediately when someone sits next to you
14. Opening a birthday card and acting like you didn’t see the fabulous, crisp £20 note inside
15. Seeing someone you know and then promptly leaving the area

See, don’t worry, you’re perfectly normal.. we all do it.

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