Volah! Yippee! Hurray! It’s Friday! It’s been a long old week and that sweet moment is nearly here again… we get two days off… aren’t we lucky?! However, it seems quite a few of us simply can’t get through just one more day, after all, why should we wait for that awesome Friday Feeling? So we decided to come up with some ‘legit’ reasons why you shouldn’t feel guilty about pulling a Friday sickie…

Lets face it, we all wake up on Friday morning happy that it’s nearly the weekend, yet disappointed that it hasn’t yet arrived. Urgh! We’ve already completed four days… how can we muster the strength to get through a fifth? Well, of course, majority of the time we do find the strength from within to complete a full week. However, sometimes it proves too much and not wanting to waste a precious days holiday, we pull a sickie.

Yet faking we’re ill certainly can cause us some problems. Namely, we feel guilty. We’re conscientious little specimen and often, we don’t like letting other people down. You had the day off because you wanted more sleep, but you can’t sleep because it’s on our conscience, or perhaps you had the day off to go out somewhere, but you’re so preoccupied with thinking you’ll bump into someone from work, that we can’t actually enjoy your day out.

So if you’ve pulled a sickie today, like a number of us here in the UK, have comfort in the fact you’re not alone and if you fit into one of the categories below, we think you have a legit reason to enjoy your day…

1. It’s Friday, a.k.a hello three day weekend
2. Your fake tan went horribly wrong
3. The weathers too nice for you to be inside all day
4. That spot on your forehead is just too big for you to feel confident enough to face anyone
5. Unlike most of your co-workers, you haven’t yet had a sick day, so you feel like you almost deserve one
6. Your lovers got the day off and you can’t bear the thought of tearing yourself away from them
7. You need to organise you life but don’t want to use up a days holiday, or your cherished weekend
8. You don’t want to listen to that annoying co-workers problems for eight hours straight
9. There’s nothing more to it… you just need a day dancing around the house naked and now is the only appropriate time
10. You’re expecting a delivery and the anticipation is simply too much… why should you wait one more day?

Oh, and one more thing… some companies have introduced the policy of a, ‘duvet day.’ This allows the employee to simply ring up and state that they are not coming in for the day. Erm, why haven’t we all got one of those?! Then we wouldn’t have to pretend we’re ill… see, it’s your bosses fault, clearly.

For those of you that are actually at work today, well done you, we salute you.

Disclaimer: Just so you know, we’re not actually advocating, or suggesting that you pulling a sickie… shame on you.

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