The biggest grey area going in airports is the fact that the duty free law has never been really clear. From the amount of booze you can hike abroad, to produce and goods you can smuggle in, there is always something in place to stop you having your cake and eating it too! But this wasn’t going to stop one passenger, as she went the extra mile (and bottle) in order to save her luxurious money.

Whilst at Beijing Capital International Airport, the woman who has been named Zhao was due to board her flight. This was until; she was stopped in her tracks for having a bottle of the finest Cognac you can buy in her bag. But the woman was having none of it, as she reportedly chugged the bottle of Remy Martin XO Excellence (retailing at £120) and after that, you can guess what occurred. Stumbling and falling, she was immediately barred from getting on the plane and it’s not surprising, but police offers said she couldn’t even walk.

Talk about waste not, want not. Next time you go abroad bare this story in mind, and make sure you think twice about splurging your remaining Euro’s on a bottle of the hard stuff. In the mean time, check out the video below to brighten your day with some of the best drunken fails to grace the web…

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