As well as it being National Lazy Day, today is also World Lion Day, so even though we give you permission not to do an awful lot, if you can, please do something to help the lions! Here’s some amazing facts about these magnificent creatures…

1. As we’ve mentioned, today is National Lazy day and it appears we’re not the only ones who can be rather lethargic! Lions can rest of approximately twenty hours per day.
2. More still, it appears the males can be particularly lazy and allow the females to do most of the hunting.
3. Female lions are also very caring mothers and will look after neglected cubs!
4. However, they can be a bit picky when it comes to choosing a mate and apparently, they prefer males who have dark manes! Who knew?!
5. On average, lions live for between 10-14 years.
6. They’re the only big cats to live as part of a pride.
7. Their roars can be heard as far as five miles away.
8. Lions are also quite speedy and can reach approximately 50mph
9. If need be, they can go four-five days without drinking water.
10. If lions mate with tigers, they create a unique and relatively rare species called, ‘ligers.’

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