Interview by Paul Jones

Whilst at Reading Festival we got the chance to speak to Shura to discuss what it’s like performing at festivals, her musical heroes and perhaps most importantly, her upcoming album!

Hi Shura, thanks for making the time to talk to us! It’s Sunday (I think) and we’re back stage at Reading Festival…
Ha ha, it’s funny because as a musician you lose track of the week due to mainly working at the weekends. We played Leeds on Friday and I had a day off yesterday watching my twin brother play the scariest game ever on his PS4. He’s an actor and actually featured in the video for my song ‘Touch’ and also ‘White Light’ where he played a weird humanoid alien thing!

Ha! Sounds interesting! So, tell us about your upcoming album, which has now been pushed back to 2016…
I’m mixing 90% of it next week when I’m back in the studio, and I have a couple of songs in mind to write to add to it. I’m really proud of it so far and am very excited by it. It’s from the heart and is somewhat inspired by bad relationships and breakups, with a few left turns.

We’re looking forward to it being released! How would you describe the style of your music?
Like a ten year old boy trying to play a Mariah Carey song with an electric guitar. Awkward pop.

Wow, what’s a unique answer!
Thanks, it’s niche! I’m influenced by so many genres, and my music has a very 80’s tinge with the use of so many synthesizers, but also a touch of R&B and even indie because of the guitars.

So, who would you say was your musical hero?
Definitely Madonna, she is herself always, but also knows how to reinvent herself to stay relevant, whilst retaining her unique style. She will make a pop album, then a dance album, then maybe could do a trip-hop album if she wanted. Also PJ Harvey for making great music but not compromising. They’re almost punk rock as they do what they want!

They’ve both done alright for themselves! What do you make of Leeds and Reading Festival this year?
Leeds on Friday was great fun and obviously Reading today (Sunday) in the big NME/BBC Radio 1 Stage, and it’s my first experience as an artist or a punter. It’s so exciting as the history of Reading in particular is rock, and even though the line-up is more diverse than twenty years ago every artist we’ve watched so far seems to rock out and play a more energised version of their music.

Yes I agree with that, even the comedians!
Exactly, there’s an energy here. For the kids in particular their exams are over and done with and they have their results. It’s time to blow some steam off and get hammered!

This is my first experience of Reading too, and compared with my last one at Latitude it’s so different. I caught your set there too in the iArena out in the woods, and for me it was one of the stand out sets of the entire weekend. So fresh and different, with catchy, blissed out vibes.
Thank you! Yes Latitude was great and we had a huge crowd there who seemed to be enjoying it. It was a beautiful experience, although I hope they didn’t notice the technical fuck up mid set!

Well I certainly didn’t, it’s the sign of a professional! Hey even Metallica messed up last night three times.
Well then we’re allowed at least one! Latitude was so chilled out, we all really enjoyed the experience. And you’re right, it’s funny to compare the two as Reading is so very different. They are both awesome in their own way.

How did it feel to walk onto that huge stage here at Reading earlier today?
Electric, I loved every second. There were so many people and the atmosphere was amazing! I want to do it all again. And there were no fuck ups this time!

What music should we check out?
All of it! Ha ha, but seriously ‘Touch’ is our biggest song to date, and ‘Just Once’ seems to be very popluar too. We have loads to listen to on Youtube and Soundcloud.

Thanks Shura! We hope you enjoy the rest of the festival. 

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