17 years ago tomorrow, one of the largest companies in the world was launched, and it was so big that it has changed the course of history on the web to what we know today. The evolutionary search engine we all know as Google was launched, and with that, the internet has never been the same since. Providing a free to use and extremely powerful service, Larry Page and Sergey Brin opened up the planet to the accessible World Wide Web, making our everyday questions and queries something that could be answered to the tone of a ‘Google Search’.

From ‘How to cure a hangover’, to ‘Recipes for Yorkshire puddings’, every Nan and her dog uses Google for some aspect of day to day life, and without it, I couldn’t imagine a single day going by. The Californian based company not only has a renowned reputation for their amazing search engine, but the company also has been praised as one of the best places to work too, as they offer so many quirky incentives to go with their playground style office base.

In celebration of the famed brand, an evolutionary video has been showcased on YouTube to show how the source has changed over the years, and here it is…

Smart, innovative and marking its place in the past and present, Google is pushing technology to its boundaries and we love it. The more time ticks by, the further Google develops, and I can even remember the days when it was just a simple text on a white page. Who knows what the future holds, perhaps even one day we may see Google holograms or hover boards, but until then, I’ll keep searching.

Thank you, Google. Thank you for everything.

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