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Technology never fails to amaze us! Things are becoming so advanced nowadays that it’s unbelievable what the latest inventions can enable us to do and this new piece of software is truly remarkable…

Thanks to a new invention developed by specialists at California University, a paralysed man has been able to walk again. The 26-year old became paralysed at the age of 21 after a motorbike accident severed his spinal cord.

Although his spine was damaged, which stopped him from being able to move his legs, the mans brain could still create the thoughts required to enable leg movement.

With this in mind, inventors designed a cap which allowed the patient to move his legs simply by using his thoughts. The cap works by transmitting the mans thoughts to a computer. The computer then sends electrodes to his knees, which active the muscles in his legs and in turn, enable him to walk.

In order to use the cap effectively, for months the patient had physio in his muscles, as well as brain training and everybody’s hard work certainly paid off when, with support, the man managed to walk 12ft.

What an incredible invention! We look forward to seeing what science has for us next!

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